Recording at The Monastery

Monastery Studio

Bands often seek out unique studio spaces that spark creative inspiration. There is no question The Monastery is one of those places. With a client list including Over the Rhine, Zak Morgan and The National, The Monastery welcomes musical artists from all genres and styles. The studio itself is unique in its history. Once a centenarian church, the building has seen over a century of music. Owner Ric Hordinski has contributed to the building’s history by opening the studio and making sure he is passionate about every project that comes through the door.

You may recognize Ric’s name from his career: he co-founded Over the Rhine, released five independent records under the moniker Monk, has been nominated for a Grammy, and received 2 Cammy awards and a Dove award for his work as a producer.


Our Recording & Sound Production workshop kicks off next Monday, June 16! There are still spots available, so if you are interested in learning about music production, this is your chance! Register here.


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